Vital Spark Festival of Arts

A celebration of creativity in Liskeard

What is Vital Spark?

It is an opporunity to encourage and celebrate local creativity. Throughout January and February the Vital Saprk team have organised a range of workshops aimed at inspiring you, whatever your ability, to be creative. It doesn't matter if you are an artist or an amateur that just enjoys making or doing creative things. Workshops are meant to be an inspirational starting point, that is the Vital Spark, that inspires you to do something creative.

The Theme for 2013

This year we are playing with the words Stile - things you climb over on a walk, and Style - something you might have.

The Festival Fortnight will run from 1st - 16th March 2013. It will be an opporunity for showcasing all that has been inspired, and celebrating the enormous amount of talent we have in our local area. Venues around the town have been booked and are waiting for you to fill them with your creativity. Everyone is invited to join in, either by attending some of the workshops and walks, or by taking the theme and producing original work.

Events in the festival

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