Freelancer notes

Event Title: Try and include the venue or loacation of space eg Fireworks Dispalay at The Eden Project

Don't use CAPS or uppercase in title

Event Date: You only need to list the event start and end date NOT the time.  If it is a one day event enter the same end date as the start.

Event Information: Make sure you make the first paragraph BOLD. 

Also make sure you add a link to event website and any other useful links like video, tickets and a link to more events at that venue.  Make sure you dont just put the link but you make it a clicakble hyperlink.

Images: Only one is necessary

Event type: Pleas take your time with this, it will take practice and time to learn the correct ones to use.  You can also add more than one of you feel the event fits into more than one category.  If you are not sure choose one and make a note for us tolook at in the comments box.

Dogs, accesability and parking: This info is normally on the venue page on our website, in the block on the left.


We don't like to list events that happen regularly, like a weekly pub quiz.  If you are not sure ask. 

Try and add a few tags the post, tag it woth words you think people might use to search for that event. Also tag it with your name.

If the same event happens more than once list it as sepearte listings. (Except a show that runs for a week).


Build pages for festivals inluding new ones like Male Voic Choir, Miracle, Kernow King etc

Tidy search filter


Flambards (35 events)


Sand Bar Praa Sands (Needs copy/template making) (15)


Open Studios? (Lots)


Lusty Glaze (SPorting and Music)


Watergate Bay Events


Truro Catherdaral Events (Maybe?)


Blue Bar




Royal Cornwall Museum (small amount)


The Watering Hole Perranporth


NEWQUAY WHAT'S ON (lots - easy)



Glendurgan Garden


St Michaels Mount






Tintagel Old Post Office


Tintagel Castle